Dramatically improving the hotel guests experience

Meet U-SEE2™, the world’s first dual-sided interactive screen

U-SEE2™ is a patented dual-sided screen that offers highly flexible viewing. Its swivel arm allows either back-to-back or in a side-by-side operation.

Multi-functional screen for several Usages at the hotel

Enable accessibility between receptionists and guests

Hearing impaired guests by displaying sign language and visual information, as well as optional text languages translation.


  • Enhance communication between hotel representatives and guests
  • Increase hotel services ranking
  • Improve guests satisfaction

Who uses U-See2 ?

  • Hotels Receptionist
  • Concierge service
  • Restaurants and Wellness centers

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open screen
open screen

Innovative and Engaging Guest Service

“The first concierge in the world that works with your wonderful double sided u-see2 monitor. We are enjoying your product a lot and guest are pleasantly surprised when showing them the technology”

Marriott Hotel