Multi-functional screen for several use cases

Meet U-SEE2™, the world’s first dual-sided interactive screen

U-SEE2™ is a patented dual-sided screen that offers highly flexible viewing. Its swivel arm allows either back-to-back or in a side-by-side operation.

Multi-functional screen for several use cases

  • Enable sharing selected information from physician screen
  • Share medical imaging
  • Demonstrate medical procedure via video over patient screen
  • Transparency while typing anamnesis or diagnosis
  • Language translation and sign language interpreters using the integrated camera
  • Enable effective Training presentation
  • Share research data with students and colleagues

Enhance accessibility between doctors and patients

Enable Accessibility, to hearing impaired patients by displaying sign language and visual information, as well as text languages translation.


  • Increase patient understanding
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Grow patient satisfaction


Who uses U-SEE2?

  • Physicians, doctors and nurse desks
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Audiology institutes
  • Hospital reception

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open screen
open screen

Introduce another way of communicate

  • Option for confirmed digital signature – patients can sign on any document using stylus over U-SEE2 touch screen
  • Clone (Mirror) mode – the image on doctor monitor will be duplicated to patient monitor
  • Extend mode – extending the view to both monitors for doctor wide / double screen
  • Drag & drop application – share only selected area to the client side screen
  • Touch interaction – on screen virtual keyboard over touch screen

“At first I used it primarily for showing patient imaging studies and explanatory slides […] I have learned that some patients are very anxious when they don’t know what their physician is writing, and find this visibility calming.”

Yaakov Henkin, Professor of Cardiology Department, Soroka University Medical Centre, Beer Sheva, Israel