Company Overview

U-See2™ is a private company that was established, with the purpose to develop, manufacture and sell, an innovative patented dual-sided screen solution, for enterprises and service agencies customers. The U-See2 solution offers a customized and interactive dual-sided screen that enable businesses, such as: Banks, car sales agencies, mobile phone companies, municipal and governmental agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, hospital and doctors, and any business that provide service to the public, to improve its service and enhance customer experience, by displaying over the interactive touch client screen selected personal information as well as targeted promotion.
The U-See2 solution is currently deployed by international customers in targeted market segments, in municipals service center, water utility, travel and car sales agencies, universities, libraries, interior design offices, lawyers’ office, hotels and many more. The Company also has established a dedicated production line in a manufacturing facility in China.

The Team

David Edward Sitbon

CEO, Chairman and Founder

David is the company’s founder and the inventor of the U-See2™ dual screen. David’s background is filled with various business and investment activities. David owns additional patents in multimedia, communication and road safety.

Yaki Sfadya

EVP Marketing & Business development

Yaki has more than 25 years of experience, as a hi-tech and communication executive. Yaki holds an MBA degree in marketing and strategy form Tel Aviv University and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University